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by Cecile M.

about me

Photo by Heidi Andersen

Cecile M

Blogger, self-taught crocheter, French New Yorker, mother of two kids, wife, friend...

From Paris to Brooklyn,

From working as a Communications Manager in the corporate world to becoming a self-taught crocheter and blogger,

It was an ocean to cross...

How did it start?

In 2000, I took an incredible course on traditional Korean crafting arts in Paris. It was an awakening. This was the moment my fascination for thread and transformation began...


... From one thread and two hands, beautiful objects and accessories could come into being. 

In 2012, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in New York City. A monumental change for my entire family, a challenging and complicated path. But in the end, we found ourselves so enriched by new cultures, a new language, a new history, new people, new ways of life ... and for me, a new obsession: crocheting

My fascination for thread and transformation has never really left me and I have discovered another kind of thread to work with: yarn.  I’m infatuated with crochet and yarn. The variety of colors, thicknesses and stitches are a great source of inspiration and creativity… The array of pieces, I am able to make, goes from a very delicate lace shawl to a chunky and soft blanket. And there’s something else. Crocheting, by a singular phenomenon, brings me peace, like meditation. It’s my fringe benefit.  

I have been learning crochet via YouTube tutorials, blogs, online classes and books. I have explored a whole new world, come to know an extraordinary community with people who share their skills, their knowledge and most of all, their passion. I am a self-taught crocheter and I am still learning, growing as an artisan and a blogger… 

In 2017, I am ready and very excited to embark on a new project: La Threaderie. Mixing my brand-new crocheting skills and my love for writing, this blog is for me, the first step of a significant new challenge, a journey I am eager to take with you. 


A bientot !


Cecile M.

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I will share with you my passion about crochet through this blog. You will find posts about crochet, yarn, patterns, textile artists...

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